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Shooting Range

Shooting Range

3rd largest outdoor shooting range in the country behind only the NRA for shotgun, pistol, rifle, archery and hatchet throwing (close to 400 stations)
If marksmanship is in your sights, head for The Barrels. With 60 acres of land and nearly 400 shooting stations, The Summit provides ample space for increased safety and a diverse range of shooting activities. At The Barrels, challenge yourself with a 5-stand shooting experience, which includes training, a safety briefing, and plenty of time to shoot with 12-gauge semi-automatic shotguns. Additionally, the range provides opportunities for shooting shotguns (trap, five-stand, sporting clays), rifles (.22, .223, .308), and pistols (9mm, .22).
Jack Link’s Scout Upper & Lower Sporting Clays Trail 
The year-round combined sporting clays course offers 78 stations, providing an exciting hunting experience on over 120 acres of rugged terrain. Arranged in a loop — Jack Link’s Scout Upper Sporting Clays Trail and Jack Link’s Scout Lower Sporting Clays Trail — participants can enjoy the thrill of a “bird hunt” while taking advantage of the natural environment and topography.

Jack Link’s Scout Rifle Range  
Nestled in the eastern section of The Barrels lies Jack Link's Scout Rifle Range, a covered facility boasting a 50-foot range equipped with 30 firing positions. The range offers a safe and secure environment to perfect your shooting skills.

Jack Link’s Scout Pistol Range 
Begin your shooting experience at the covered Jack Link's Scout Pistol Range, located at the far eastern end of The Barrels. Participants receive thorough instruction on basic pistol safety, techniques, and skills. The covered pistol range uses 9mm and .22-caliber pistols with 30 firing positions at a distance of 50 feet, including a paper and a popper target area.
The Barrels

Shooting Range

  • 11 Years or Older

  • 13 Years or Older for Pistols

  • 1.5-3.5 Hours